About Us

The pursuit of happiness takes form in many ways. For the founders of American Historic Coins & Collectibles, their happiness found roots in the pursuit of coin collecting.

Tyler O'Connor, Store Manager

Tyler O'Connor

General Manager

Tyler, following in his father’s (Terry O’Connor) footsteps, joined the American Historic Coins and Collectibles team in February 2017. Tyler is a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the New England Numismatic Association (NEMA).

Tyler’s favorite coins are the American Silver Eagle and the Morgan Silver Dollar.

The Founders

Terry O’Connor and Mark Bruni not only shared a passion for coin collecting, they also shared an entrepreneurial spirit and a fondness for fostering this educational hobby in others.  So, it was only natural they would conceive the idea of American Historic Coins & Collectibles, a culmination of their passion, entrepreneurship and wish to share their beloved hobby with others.  In 2015 they launched American Historic Coins & Collectibles in Bellingham, Massachusetts.

Terry O'Connor


Terry was the Massachusetts Director for the New England Numismatic Association (NENA), a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and was the Treasurer for the Blackstone Valley Coin and Collectibles Club. Terry had a wide range of numismatic interests from his love for the Lincoln “Wheatie” penny to Allied Military currencies. Terry’s interest in coin collecting started in his young teens and was rekindled later in life when his brother, Les, began sharing his own blossoming interest in coin and silver collecting. The brothers’ mutual interest in the hobby led to many weekend excursions all around New England hunting down the latest treasure to complete their growing collections and eventually to the idea to open their own coin shop locally. And so it was that the dream of American Historic Coins & Collectibles began and for a full year, the shop ran under the capable and dedicated management of Terry O’Connor until his death February 6, 2017.

In addition to Terry’s love of coin collecting, he was an avid amateur photographer and loved photographing birds in the backyard and wild animals in their natural habitats. And above all, he loved his family – his wife, Lorie; their children TJ, Ashleigh and Tyler; and the couple’s beautiful grandchildren.

Terry will always be remembered for his ability to recount great stories of coin facts and histories, his passion for collecting, his love of history and for his commitment to sharing the wonderful hobby of collecting coins.  He is sadly missed yet his legacy continues.

Mark Bruni


Mark collected coins, stamps and paper currencies for over 40 years.  His interest in this educational hobby was started by his father who was paid by a customer at his small business with a 1957 Silver Certificate $1.00 bill.  Mark’s father brought the note home and asked Mark to find out why it had a blue seal and not the traditional green seal.  That was it, Mark was hooked!

Prior to joining Terry and Les to found American Historic Coins & Collectibles, Mark owned and operated Minuteman Coins & More, located in Milford, MA.

Sadly, Mark Bruni passed away in June 2018.