The pursuit of happiness takes form in many ways. For the crew at American Historic Coins & Collectibles, their happiness found roots in the pursuit of collecting coins. Terry and Mark not only share a passion for coin collecting, they also share the entrepreneurial bug and a fondness for sharing this educational hobby with others.  And so it was only natural they would conceive of the idea of American Historic Coins & Collectibles, a culmination of their passion, entrepreneurship and wish to share their beloved hobby with others.  In 2015 they launched American Historic Coins & Collectibles in Bellingham, Massachusetts.

Your American Historic Coin & Collectibles Shopkeepers

Terry O’Connor is currently the Massachusetts Director for the New England Numismatic Association (NENA), a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and is the Treasurer for the Blackstone Valley Coin and Collectibles Club. Terry has a wide range of numismatic interests from his love for the Lincoln “Wheatie” penny to Allied Military currencies.

Terry is an avid amateur photographer who loves to kayak and photograph wild animals in their natural habitats. He can often be found on local waterways.

With thirty-five years in the restaurant service industry, Terry knows what it takes and will work hard to win your business and keep you a loyal fan!

Mark Bruni has been collecting coins, stamps and paper currencies for over 40 years.  His interest in this educational hobby was started by his father who was paid by a customer at his small business with a 1957 “Blue Seal” $1.00 bill.  Mark’s father brought the note home and asked Mark to find out why it had a blue seal and not the traditional green seal.  That was it!  Mark was hooked a has never looked back since that day as a nine year-old boy.

After attending the American Numismatic Association (ANA) University for Grading & Counterfeit Detection, Mark has earned a reputation for being a conservative Coin Grader. During the past 20+ years, Mark has gained extensive experience and expertise in preparing appraisals for insurance policies, estates, collectors, trusts and family wills.

Mark has previously co-owned a local retail coin business and online sales store. Mark’s relaxation comes from time with family, boating and fishing.

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