Monthly Bid Board Auction

American Historic Coins & Collectibles offers a form of consignment known as a Bid Board. Our in-shop bid board allows collectors to display their coins and other customers to place an anonymous bid offering the amount they are willing to pay for the coin. The Bid Board Auction is a slow motion auction. While most online auctions are open for two to four weeks, the Bid Board Auction is constantly rotating available coins.

Bid Board Highlights

  • 100-plus new items monthly
  • Coins, bullion, collections and stamps
  • Items are posted Tuesday following close of the previous month’s auction.
  • Items are available for bidding until 4:00 p.m. on the date of the auction.

Bid Board Basics

  • Auction closes at 4:00 p.m.
  • Items start with a minimum bid
  • Minimum bids  may not start at more than half of book value
  • Consignors are welcome
  • Registration is required (takes less than 5 minutes)
  • Some items will move into Overtime Bidding (see rules)

2017 Auction Dates

June 3, 2017

July 1, 2017

August 5, 2017

September 2, 2017

October 7, 2017

November 4, 2017

December 2, 2017

Bidding Increments

$0.00 – $20  =  $.50

$21 – $100  =  $1.00

Above $100  =  $2.00

Bid Board Rules

  1. You must register to bid on the American Historic Coins & Collectibles Bid Board (ask us, we will help set you up).
  2. You may begin bidding immediately.
  3. A listing fee of $1.00 is applied to each item put up for Auction on the Bid Board.
  4. Minimum item value at auction of $3.00.
  5. A commission fee of 10% is charged by American Historic Coin & Collectibles (AHCC). (Listing fee is applied. If item does not sell the listing fee is retained.)
  6. No auction fee is charged to the buyer beyond the bid amount.
  7. Minimum starting bids are allowed up to a maximum of 90% of Book Value but are not required. Bids may start at $0.00.
  8. All bids are made in ink (black or blue only).
  9. Bid increments are posted on the Board. Please follow these minimums or your bid will be corrected by AHCC to the next higher bid. You may bid any amount over the minimum.
  10. All incorrect bids will be corrected by AHCC. Even your own. Please point them out to the staff and we will correct them. (i.e. incorrect increment, wrong amounts, info, bidder IDs, etc. PLEASE DO NOT CORRECT THEM YOURSELF.
  11. Shill bidding is not allowed.  Shill bidding happens when anyone, including family or friends, roommates, employee online connections – bids on an item to artificially increase its price and or desirability.
  12. All items must be paid for within 7 days of Auction (the following Saturday) unless other arrangements have been made ahead of time.
  13. This is an auction and all sales are final.
  14. Absolutely no warranties are expressed or implied by AHCC or Original Seller.
  15. AHCC may fill the bid board if a lack of consignment occurs. It is not our intent, however, to dominate the board. We welcome consignments!
  16. Be courteous. Step back once you have bid. Others deserve a chance to bid too.
  17. Bidding on our Bid Board is a privilege. AHCC reserves the right to cancel your bid number at any time. Keep a good reputation and no such issues will occur.
  18. This is a cash only Auction. If payment is made using a credit or debit card, a 3.0% fee will be applied.
  19. The auction schedule may change due to unforeseen circumstances, holidays, etc.
  20. AHCC reserves the right not to accept items that may be overpriced, over graded or misleading in our opinion.



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