2021 Quarter-Ounce American Gold Eagle Struck with the West Point Mint Mark

Bullion versions of the American Gold Eagles typically are not struck with a mint mark. However, Gerald Medel from Lakeside Coins in San Diego, California discovered more than 60 - 2021 Quarter Ounce American Gold Eagles that bear the West Point Mint Mark, typically found on the proof version of the American Gold Eagles. 

PCGS has certified 61 of the coins and 10 have been sent to GreatCollections for auction. 

“It would appear that a W Mint mark Proof die was used in making some of the non-Proof bullion coins that are sold through the Mint’s Authorized Purchaser program,” said GreatCollections president Ian Russell. “Something similar happened in 1999, when $5 and $10 denomination American Eagle gold coins were also mistakenly struck with W mint marks. Those examples are highly sought after today.”


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