The Silver Matrix

If you’re a big Matrix movie fan like me, then I think that you will have a better understanding than most of what I’m about to share with you. If you have not watched the movie.. and don’t understood the premise, then I would highly advise you to watch the movie before reading the rest of the article. You might need to watch it more than once to understand all the subtle but important parts in the movie. If you are a Matrix movie buff like me, you will have a deeper understanding of how the Matrix was just metaphor for what is really happening in our world today and has been happening for generations within our monetary system.

The beginning of the movie starts out in a big city. Neo, the leading character played by Keanu Reaves, works for a software firm by day, and is a software hacker by night. In the beginning scene, it looks like Neo is looking for something on the internet, a person called Morpheus.  Neo quickly finds out in that Morpheus is just the beginning of the search, and that the real thing that he is looking for is the “Matrix”.

What is a Matrix? Well, in simple terms it’s an environment or material in which something develops.

How does that apply to me?  It applies to everyone, as we all live an environment in which we are born, grow up, go to school, live, play and occasionally sleep. This does not mean that the world you live in is exactly what you think, but what you have been told to think.

Why would people lie about our Matrix?  Easy… they (elites / Bankers) like control. If they control the money system, they control everything.  THE GLOBAL MONEY SYSTEM IS A CONTROLLED SYSTEM. They control the money supply, the corporate winners, and losers. I recommend reading The Creature From Jekyll Island to get a better understanding of how the Federal Reserve was created. Remember, the FED is not a government agency… it’s a private central bank.

My “Matrix Moment” was about 11 years ago when I started looking into the banking system. As a system architect for billion-dollar companies, I had a good idea of how the money system works. As with any system, there are rules and boundaries that that need to be understood and followed in order that we stay within the letter of the laws in all countries and territories. Once I understood that the Federal Reserve and all other central banks were privately owned, I knew that a small amount of people with that amount of power would lead to corruption.

As Neo gets to the point were he is ready to know the truth, he is offered a “Red Pill…” as nobody can describe the Matrix, it must be experienced. The red pill symbolizes truth, facts, reality of the world that we really live. That the money system that we have trusted for over one hundred years, has been nothing but a generational plan to put all of humanity in a debt system (Slavery). 

After you have taken the “Red Pill” and let it digest, you start understanding that money (currency) is debt. Just think about that… you are working for debt notes. Basically, you are earning and saving a promise that the currency will be work something in the future. There is no guarantee that the money will be worth anything. Just remember, all currencies have failed. The USD, Yen, Bhat, Euro, and the rest of them will all eventually be worth only the paper that they are printed.

Like Neo in the movie, it took some time for him to understand the real world in which he lives and understand that there are/were other people just like him trying to find the truth. The truth is that our monetary system has been an illusion. What happens when the illusion starts waring off? What happens when my dollars start buying less and less? Remember, its not that coffee (insert favorite food here) getting more expensive every month, it’s that your dollar is worth less. Yes, there are times when supply and demand will play a part in pricing consumer goods, but the FED has always said that they target a 2 percent inflation every year. That means that every year, your dollars are guaranteed to lose value and that you will continue to take higher risks in the market to make up for the lost value.

The good thing is that our founders of our country they spelled out what was money. Our constitution clearly states that only gold and silver can be used as money. The bankers and our politicians have been lying to us for a very long time. They will never offer you the “red pill” as they need you to be asleep, unaware, and compliant. Now that we are getting closer to the end of the Matrix, I believe that silver will take it rightful place in the human consciousness and be treated with the respect that it gives each of us. Silver is not a promise of wealth, it is wealth. When silver is allowed to freely trade, we will know that the matrix is breaking down.


This article is contributed by 

Bryan Payne

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