The Silver Matrix Reloaded

It takes time to understand the Matrix, as the information that we have learned has been passed down through the generations. If your mom, dad, cousins, aunts, uncles all have the same belief that differs from the Red Pill, you soon realize that you are somewhat alone. One thing that I quickly learned from speaking with many different people still caught in the Matrix is that the older the person is… the harder it can be to unwind all the brainwashing that has been…and continues to be forced feed into our minds on a minute-by-minute basis. The key thing is to understand how the Matrix works and how to navigate both the real world, and the Matrix (Central Banking System).

Like Neo, before I went back into the Matrix (school, church, work), I had to go through training. From a silver and monetary perspective, there is a lot of information that we each need to wade through and understand before we can have a data driven discussion with our friends, family, and coworkers. Understanding the rules of finance, which can be bent or broken is the first step. Once you understand what is possible, you will understand why most of society has been, and continues to be fooled about the definition of money vs. currency.

Even when Neo was educated on the Matrix (monetary policy), he had to still play within the rules and play the game while interacting with people in the Matrix (dollar transactions), while understanding that everything is a lie (monetarily). Today we are living in two different worlds, the currency world, and the real asset world. As your journey into the Matrix reveals all the lies, you start to realize that stocks, bonds, derivatives (fancy bet) are way over valued relative to historical averages. You also start looking for the truth about the real asset values. If you look deep into the Matrix code, you will see that the only assets that most people have are paper/digital assets. We have been taught to believe whatever the computer program (digital currency numbers on a screen) tells us to trust. Even though we all receive a prospectus every three months from our 401Ks & IRAs that clearly tell you that you could lose all your money, we continue to only look at the digits on the screen, and that those digits are growing, hence the wealth effect takes hold and we dismiss any negative news that we might have heard.

Like the Matrix, our financial system is controlled by computers. Most trading today is done by computers via HFT (high frequency trading). When is the last time that you spoke to a real person about your finances? Most of the time a person is given a link to their 401k account and make changes virtually and given a list of investments that they can choose. This gives the “speculator” (the stock market is not investing) the illusion that they have a choice in their investment portfolio. Try taking your money out of your 401K account prior to retirement age and you will find out that the banks have set all kinds of fees that are put in place to deter you from taking money out of the system. Remember, you play within the Matrix, you must play by their rules.

How can silver help navigate the Matrix? By understanding silver and gold as a monetary tool, you will realize that they are real tangible “investments” that do not have to be in the Matrix. Silver and gold do not rely on the Matrix to have value. Silver and gold (that you physically hold in your possession) will not be valued at zero. By holding physical silver, you no longer need a bank to buy the things you need within the Matrix. By having silver in physical form, you no longer need to be concerned with the stock market crashing, as the stock market does not represent reality, it only reflects the dying Matrix (Central Banks).

While Neo was learning about the Matrix, he final got the opportunity to meet the oracle, which she tells him that he is not the one, and that he is waiting for something to happen. Just as making changes to the way we think about investments, most people are waiting for some event before they move to more secure “investments.” The Matrix (private central banks) are already failing and are printing currency to prop up all markets. Everything is a lie; everything is centrally managed by the bankers. They pick the winners and losers, and make you think that you have made a wise choice regarding your future and retirement. Remember, historically all currencies have failed, and this current financial Matrix is no different.

To be continued…….


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Bryan Payne

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