Traversing the Silver Matrix

Those who have watched The Matrix movies series, and truly understand the symbolism, will have a better understanding of what I’m about to share with you and will not be a surprise. When you understand the true intentions of our controllers, then we start seeing The Matrix series in a different way. Each movie builds upon the other in providing everyone a glimpse into how powerful families/governments have been keeping most of the general population asleep in order to keep them from asking the hard questions about the real world. Let’s take a deep dive into our current matrix and try to answer some of the most important questions. Who is really in control, how are they controlling us, and how silver fits into the solution?

I know that most red-blooded Americans think of themselves as a free people. For those of us who had a decent education or who are auto-didactic (self-taught), we know that the United States is a Republic, not a Democracy. This is a huge issue as a democracy and a republic are two different types of government. But I bet you if you asked most people if we lived in a democracy, they would say yes. In short, if you live in a democracy, you are going to be controlled by mob rule. That is, 51% of the people controlling the other 49%. If you asked people what the money is, they would show you digits on a computer screen or the greenback in their pocket. As mentioned in previous articles, the current greenback that we currently use does not meet the definition of money. So, if we are a free people, then why is it that most people don’t know that we live in a republic and that only gold and silver meet the definition of money as is clearly stated in constitution (Article 1, Section 10)?

The reason why most people don’t know the answers to these most basic questions is because they have not truly been educated. The scary part about education is that the government is in control of your education. The bankers own the companies that print the educational books. If you’ve gone through the public education system like I have, then you have been taught a particular view of history, politics, money, investing which is meant to do one thing…keep you ignorant of the truth. I’m not pointing fingers at any person, as I was once convinced that democracy was great, and wealth meant having a stack of cash at the bank. Why do I think the government is to blame for all of this? It’s because they have been complicit in lying to the population (insert any country) for at least 100 years. Remember, the actual translation of government means to control the mind (Govern = Control & ment = mind).

The reason why I equate silver to The Matrix is that they both represent the two opposing forces that represent two sides to our world (good vs. evil). Silver is honest money with no counterparty risk while our greenback is losing value every day. Any fiat currency can be printed into any quantity that is needed to fund endless government spending. Silver (and gold) cannot be duplicated at will and is in limited supply. Every currency that has ever existed has eventually gone to its inherent value of zero. Silver will always hold value in any currency collapse, and in many (if not all) historical examples of currency collapse shows that silver (and gold) always adjusts to their nature value. Notice, I did not say currency value, as precious metals do not need to be valued dollar terms but be a value in what it will get you in a barter/trade situation.

Our current fiat system is dying, and we will be faced with that the reality that our 100-year-old Federal Reserve banking has an expiration date. All central banks around the world will find themselves in the same situation as they all use the same economic policies. Ultimately, it will be up to each one of us to do their research to understand the current Keynesian monetary system and compare that system to other systems such and Austrian Economics. Voltaire famously said, “Fiat currency always eventually returns to it. intrinsic value--zero.” Unfortunately, we’re watching the final stages of that process unfold now.  We are currently living in a financial, social, religious, and economic matrix. It’s not only important to understand our matrix, but also what we do with that information that is important.

It is completely understandable for the average person to think what I’m saying is “crazy” or a “conspiracy theory.” Therefore, it is so extremely important for each and every person to do their own homework and come up with their own conclusions. What I found so interesting are the quotes from important historical figureheads.

Henry Ford… “If people understood how the economic system works, there’d be a revolution in a minute.”

Voltaire… “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value-zero.”

JP Morgan… “Gold is money, everything else is credit.”

Thomas Jefferson… “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.”

So, who is in control? All anyone needs to do is understand who controls the printing and distribution of the money (currency). How many countries in the world have private central banks? Why are all those central banks privately owned by the ultra-rich? Why do we (United States or any other country for that matter) need a central bank when we have the “Treasury” that can print money at zero interest rates? Everything that we do in life has been controlled by money. We go to school to get educated but come out of higher educational institutions with no real understanding how money (currency) is made or even the definition on money. So, as you start your red pill journey, understand that a traditional monetary education was an education for the current money matrix. It only teaches you what the bankers want you to know. Lies cannot go on forever and our money system is quickly reaching the end game. Knowing what assets that have historically transitioned people’s wealth to the other side is the one thing that we need to study and understand as we move into this brave new matrix.

This article is contributed by

Bryan Payne

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