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What kind of collector are you?

What kind of collector are you?

Coins tell stories. Some coins represent moments in time, an insight into past cultures, and are sought after purely for beauty. No matter their value, coins provide an enjoyable hobby to people of all ages. With so many types of coins and an array of reasons why a person might collect them, it is unsurprising that coin collecting has spawned many different collectors.


Read on to learn about the types of coin collectors and which one you might be.


  1. The Hobbyist


The hobbyist understands the history and appreciation of coins as a collectible. This type of collector is often interested in the variety of coins and may also be knowledgeable about the different types. Hobbyists usually purchase coins for personal enjoyment, often looking for coins with historical or cultural importance. While some Hobbyists focus on only one or two types of coins, others seek out specific coins worldwide.


  1. The Investment Collector


The investment collector is looking to make money through coin collecting. This collector focuses on coins likely to appreciate and pays close attention to market trends and prices. This collector may buy coins to hold onto them for a certain time before selling them at a profit. This type of collector also tends to have a firm grasp of the coin grading and certification systems.


  1. The Grade-Focused Collector


The grade-focused collector seeks high-grade coins and may even go to great lengths to find the highest possible grade. This type of collector is often willing to pay more to acquire such coins, knowing they will appreciate over time. The grade-focused collector is also likely knowledgeable about coin grading systems, such as the Sheldon scale.


  1. The History Buff


The History buff is interested in coins for their historical and cultural value. This type of collector is often knowledgeable about the history behind the coins and can provide interesting insight into their provenance. History buffs also tend to prefer coins that are in mint condition, as these coins often give a look into the culture and eras of the past.


  1. The Series Collector


The series collector focuses on amassing a complete set of coins from a specific series or period. This collector may also be interested in coins from a particular country or region. Series collectors may spend time researching the coins before deciding on which series or region to focus on collecting.


  1. The High-End Collector


The high-end collector usually seeks specific, rare, or valuable coins. This type of collector often pays close attention to market trends and can be willing to pay high prices for coins of significant value or rarity. Unlike some other collectors, high-end collectors often have a more specific focus and often invest in coins worth more than their face value.


  1. The Memento Collector


The memento collector is looking to hold onto coins as a memento of a certain time or place. This type of collector often collects coins with imagery or symbols that are meaningful to them, such as coins with the face of a ruler who once held power over a certain area. This collector may also collect coins as souvenirs of a certain event or trip.


  1. The Medal Collector


The medal collector is interested in medals of honor, many of which were minted on coins. This type of collector is often knowledgeable about the history behind the medals and is enthralled by the stories that these coins can tell. Medal collectors may also collect military badges, honor badges, and other types of medals and tokens.


Key Takeaways


Coin collecting is a fascinating hobby with a variety of activities. With so many types of coin collectors, it is essential to understand the different motivations behind coin collecting to ensure you acquire coins that will appreciate and bring you enjoyment.


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