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Capped Bust Dimes (1809-1837)

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In 1809 the Capped Bust dime made its appearance. The design is similar to that used on early half dollars beginning in 1807. The obverse features Liberty with her hair in a cloth cap secured by a band inscribed LIBERTY, with tresses flowing down to her shoulders. Her bust is draped in a cloth or gown secured by a clasp or brooch. Seven stars are to the left, and six to the right, the date is below. The reverse depicts an eagle perched on a branch and holding arrows, E PLURIBUS UNUM is on a scroll above and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and 10C. appear around the border. The planchet diameter is approximately 18.8 mm, which distinguishes it from a small planchet (approximately 17.9 mm) format, struck in a closed collar, introduced in 1828.

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