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Roosevelt Dimes (1946 to Date)

Roosevelt Dimes (1946 to Date)

This is the first year in which the Roosevelt Dime design was introduced. The Mint struck the 1946 Dimes in three different Mints, which included Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. All 1946 Dimes to 1964 were composed of mostly silver. After 1964, circulation strike dimes were composed of clad.

The 1946-P Dime had a huge mintage of over 255 million coins struck. 1946 Dimes struck at Denver and San Francisco had considerably lower mintages. The only other issues that have higher mintages than the 1946-P are the 1962-D, 1963-D, 1964-P and 1964-D.

The 1946-P Dime is not difficult to acquire thanks to its large mintage. Only in grades of MS66 and higher does it become somewhat challenging to find. Examples in MS67 are scarce with possibly 150 - 250 total examples being in existence. In MS68, it is very scarce with one single example graded by PCGS and none being graded any higher as of 2011.

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