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Consignment and Auctions

We Offer consignment and auction sales.


American Historic Coins & Collectibles has a simple consignment policy. We offer your items for sale in our retail location in Bellingham, MA as well as list your items for sale via our website or auction your items via our eBay site. You receive 75% of the final sale price, we keep 25% (terms are negotiable depending on the items being consigned).



  1. How do I get started?


The fastest way to get started is to fill out our contact form located here.

(Please include a brief description of the type of material you are looking to sell in the message box of the contact form).


  1. How will you track the sale of my goods?

We will provide you with a direct link to monitor your listings once they go live as well as (upon consignment) a full list of all items successfully consigned.


  1. What is the average turnaround time?

For collections smaller than 100 lots, from consignment to payout, our average turnaround time is 4 weeks! For larger collections, we will work with you to come up with a plan to maximize the amount of money that you net!


  1. What is a typical auction like?

We generally list our items for 7-10 days, ending on a Sunday evening. We have found over the years that coins generally net the highest prices when ending on Sunday nights. We avoid ending listings on major holidays. We typically sell the items at no reserve, starting at .99, letting the market decide the true value of the items.


  1. When will I get paid?

For typical auction material, we will send out a check on or before the Thursday following the auction!



  1. What about eBay and PayPal fees?

Fees from eBay and PayPal come out of our end, which adds up to approximately 15.5%. New eBay sales policies also add fees, reporting requirements, packaging, and shipping costs again come out of our 25%.


  1. What are the pros and cons of consignment rather than an outright sale?

While we are constant buyers of quality material, we tend to purchase only material we can net a much higher sales percentage than our consignment rates. While the cost to you on a consignment will be only 25%, a typical outright purchase would have to provide us with a spread closer to 35%.


  1. What are my responsibilities as a Consignor?

First, we ask that all consignors fill out and sign our consignment agreement. We will not take possession of any material without this agreement on file. We ask that any items sent, you have full ownership of and the right to sell such items. We also ask that you do not knowingly send any counterfeit items.

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