Aurelian (270-275 CE) Antoninianus

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An antoninianus struck under Emperor Aurelian. Known as one of the best emperors of the Roman Empire, Aurelian was experienced as an Illyrian General who would go on to save the Roman Empire during his reign of five years. Reuniting the Roman Empire by defeating the break away states of the Gallic Empire in the west and the Palmyrene Empire in the east; he was granted the title Restitutor Orbis (Restorer of the World) by the Roman Senate. Though his reign is short lived, he is known as one of the greatest Roman Emperors saving the Roman Empire in its darkest time during the Crisis of the Third Century.


Emperor: Aurelian (270-275 CE)

Denomination: Antoninianus

Metal: Silvered Bronze

Weight: 3.20 Grams

Diameter: 24 mm

Mint: Siscia


Reverse Legend: IOVI CONSER

Reference: RIC 225 Aurelian

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